Good Companions

It’s now a year on and Pete’s now been joined by myself (the wife) so hi – Jan speaking! It’s still early days for me as I’m still in assessment and going to the Dietician Seminars but you’ll hear more about my progress soon…

Pete’s been doing well on his weight loss journey and is now down to 95kg/15 stones (from 171kg) so has actually exceeded his target percentage loss and reached his preferred goal weight. Unfortunately he’s also had trouble with a hernia, surgery for which, at the time of writing, has put him back into hospital for observation with water on the lungs and repercussions on cardiac function. We’re hoping that this is a temporary setback, but as heart conditions run in his family are thankful that he’s in for tests and monitoring. A tale will be there to be told when he gets out in a few days time no doubt!

That’s it for now, but this time we’ll be keeping the blog updated regularly, so stand by for more in due course.