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My wife has kindly set this up for me, so I thought I should put some background information in so that you could tell what this is all about. I have been clinically obese for many years now and had tried all sorts of diets. On one of my visits to my doctors surgery (I live in Launceston Cornwall) my GP suggested that gastric surgery may be an answer, so the adventure began!

I was referred to the Royal Cornwall hospital at Treliske Truro and spent nearly four years in the system having numerous assessments and consultations with dieticians etc. Eventually an appointment was offered to me to meet a clinical surgeon, dietician and anaesthetist to make a decision as to my suitability for gastric surgery. Having read all the information offered I had decided that I would opt for a gastric bypass if the choice was mine. The date of the appointment was 18th June 2013.

On my weigh in I was recorded as 181cm high and 171.2kg with a BMI of 52.3 The consultant told me that with my weight, diabetes,high blood pressure and sleep apoenea I was over qualified for an operation! Anyway, I passed this test and was considered suitable for a gastric bypass, provided that I was prepared to lose 10 kilos and was given 6 months to achieve this figure. My next appointment was 08th September 2013 and I had lost 14 kilos at this date.

The NHS moves very slowly and I was eventually offered the date of 11th December for the operation to go ahead. Before this operation can go ahead you have to follow a liver reduction diet as your liver prevents easy access to the stomach. The diet is somewhat Draconian and I opted for the choice of a low fat yoghurt diet. Yoghurt for a fortnight! Nice! In fairness I could also have one no sugar added jelly per day and a few cups of tea and coffee, even Bovril!

I followed this diet religously as I was told that if the liver proved troublesome they would have to perform ordinary surgery, as opposed to keyhole, which is a more dangerous op and takes longer to recover from. On the appointed day my wife and I travelled to Truro for my 07.30 appointment and had visits from the surgeon,anaesthetist and my personal bariatric nurse, then came a long wait! I had sent my wife home at 10.30 and waited…. and waited until I was eventually told to gown up at 14.30! No drinks all this time. They had to wait for a bed to be confirmed in the high dependancy unit for the night due to my sleep apoenea and this had taken some time to confirm.

And now it was off to the operating theatre clutching my pillow (long story!) for the adventure to begin. I waited here for about 30 minutes before the surgeon came to see me. He did not look happy! My operation had been cancelled due to the bed being needed for an emergency case. I felt pretty desolated with this situation, but this was what was happening and on the bright side I would now be able to have a proper Christmas lunch now! And when a new date was offered I could look forward to the Yoghurt diet again!


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  1. Christmas was a bonus certainly – it would have been very unequal if you hadn’t been able to have some festive things with us! 😉

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