Well, Christmas came and went, enjoyed a really nice beef wellington on Christmas day! I had received a new date for the operation, January 25th which meant that the Yoghurt diet would begin on 11th. Again, I did’nt have any problems with following the diet and just buckled down and got on with it!

The day of the operation dawned and we set off for our appointment which was at 07.30. This time I was in a different part of the hospital which was set up much better with waiting facilities, the mens waiting room even had a TV! Unfortunately no one seemed to know how to turn it on! i went through all the pre-op checks as before and sent my wife home so she would’nt have to wait around like last time. At 09.30 I was told the operation was on! I gowned up and was immediately taken to the operating theatre, it dawned on me that this was actually going to happen this time! I was kept in a small room leading to the theatre whilst it was prepared for me and had a good chat with a young orderly and the anaethatist until i was led in, no going back now!

I settled on the operating table and noticed that there was a camera recording everything, no one could tell me where I could buy the DVD! The anaethatist stared all the pre op stuff and had a certain amount of difficulty gettting a line into an artery, she kept asking questions and when I told her she was the expert, she replied “that’s what it says on the certificate I bought on line!” They always seem to have a good sense of humour! By now she had bent two needles trying to get a line in and then…… Nothing, I was gone and did’nt wake up for another 4/5 hours!

When I came around I was in the recovery room, totally disorientated and not really knowing what was going on, I was wheeled off in my bed to the High Dependency unit where I was to be monitored through the night. I had a really bad night, sleep wise, as there seemed to be noise going on all night. I had a line in to make sure I did’nt dehydrate and waited for the consultant to come and see me, which he did at about 09.00. This consultation lasted about a minute! He told me that the operation went well, asked how I felt and dischrged me! I had to wait another 2 hours for all the medication needed to arrive before my wife collected me and we set off home. Total time in hospital 28 hours!

Now the hard work starts!