Milele Safari – the Eternal Journey

It’s a Swahili word – Milele (say it like me-lay-lay) and I’ve used it here as an allegory for life, love and death. The Circle of Life thing, because today’s the day we leave the original purpose of this blog behind us and start afresh in looking at the good times that are still with us, if only in memory – I’ve explained it in more detail HERE¬†so let’s forge ahead now ūüôā

ausbar2On March 13th this year my husband Pete went on his last journey, so I’ve had to decide¬†what to do with this blog that he left behind, pretty much unused because, really, he wasn’t one to read and write – he just loved living his life and meeting people. So that’s what I’m going to try and carry on, for¬†old friends and new who might look in here sometimes to¬†share a memory and a laugh because that’s what Pete liked doing most. But first I want to tell you a bit about Pete, especially if you never met him – so here’s what I and some friends said about him at his funeral…

I’m¬† very¬† grateful¬† to¬† Andy¬† for¬† remembering¬† that¬† Sean¬† Connery¬† had¬† done¬† the¬† narrated¬† version¬† of¬† In¬† My¬† Life¬† that¬† we’ve¬† just¬† heard.¬† It¬† fits.¬† Everyone¬† who¬† knew¬† Pete¬† will¬† know¬† that¬† he¬† enjoyed¬† travelling,¬† meeting¬† friends,¬† old¬† and¬† new,¬† and¬† how¬† much¬† he¬† loved¬† to¬† laugh¬† and¬† regale¬† them¬† with¬† tall¬† tales,¬† and¬† absurd¬† anecdotes.¬† Most¬† of¬† them¬† were¬† true…¬† So¬† you¬† will¬† know¬† that¬† today¬† is¬† going¬† to¬† reflect¬† how¬† Pete¬† was,¬† and¬† look¬† back,¬† with¬† fondness,¬† on¬† his¬† favourite¬† people,¬† places,¬† and¬† activities,¬† through¬† the¬† eyes¬† of¬† some¬† of¬† those¬† who¬† shared¬† those¬† experiences.¬† It¬† may¬† be¬† sad¬† to¬† say¬† goodbye,¬† but¬† what¬† memories¬† he’s¬† left¬† us,¬† so¬† let’s¬† all¬† smile¬† too,¬† as¬† we¬† celebrate¬† the¬† times¬† Pete’s¬† had¬† with¬† us¬†¬† all¬†¬† over¬†¬† the¬†¬† years.
I’m¬† good¬† at¬† writing¬† and¬† the¬† words¬† today¬† are¬† mine,¬† but¬† my¬† voice¬† isn’t¬† up¬† to¬† much¬† at¬† the¬† best¬† of¬† times,¬† and¬† so,¬† Suzanne¬† is¬† going¬† to¬† share¬† my¬† final¬† gift¬† of¬† words to¬† Pete,¬† with¬† us…

In¬† some¬† ways¬† Pete¬† and¬† Jan¬† were¬† chalk¬† and¬† cheese¬† –¬† Jan¬† was¬† the¬† quiet¬† one¬† mostly,¬† but¬† that¬† was¬† OK¬† because¬† she¬† loved¬† listening¬† to¬† Pete.¬† He¬† was¬† the¬† one¬† who¬† did¬† the¬† patter.¬† Jan¬† remembered¬† the¬† punch-lines¬† and¬† fine¬† detail¬† for¬† him.¬† They¬† were¬† a¬† good¬† double¬† act¬† and¬† propped¬† each¬† other¬† up¬† as¬† they¬† went¬† through¬† life,¬† whether¬† it¬† was¬† easy¬† or¬† hard.

There’s¬† only¬† Andy¬† left¬† now¬† who¬† remembers¬† Pete’s¬† schooldays,¬† as¬† they¬† both¬† attended¬† Hyde¬† Park¬† Juniors.¬† Pete¬† never¬† knew¬† his¬† father,¬† but¬† he¬† had¬† a¬† very¬† happy¬† childhood¬† with¬† his¬† Mum¬† and¬† Gran,¬† elder¬† brother¬† Malcolm,¬† and¬† later,¬† his¬† best¬† friend¬† John¬† Mavin,¬† who¬† was¬† like¬† a¬† second¬† brother¬† and¬† another¬† son¬† in¬† the¬† Hawke¬† household.¬† Money¬† was¬† always¬† tight,¬† but¬† there¬† was¬† lots¬† of¬† laughter¬† and¬† fun¬† going¬† on,¬† despite¬† both¬† Gran¬† and¬† Mum¬† having¬† serious¬† long-term¬† health¬† problems.¬† As¬† there¬† were¬† 9¬† years¬† between¬† Pete¬† and¬† Malcolm,¬† they¬† often¬† had¬† a¬† ‘sticky’¬† relationship¬†¬† –¬† as¬† a¬† cheeky¬† and¬† talkative¬† 5¬† year¬† old¬† Pete¬† was¬† not¬† always¬† a¬† great¬† companion¬† for¬† a¬† moody¬† teen…¬† They¬† grew¬† on¬† each¬† other¬† though,¬† and¬† when¬† Pete¬† and¬† Jan¬† married¬† and¬† moved¬† up¬† to¬† Hertfordshire,¬† they¬† lived¬† close¬† to¬† Malcolm¬† and¬† his¬† wife,¬† Janine,¬† and¬† socialised¬† with¬† them¬† all¬† the¬† time.¬† Pete¬† and¬† Malcolm¬† worked¬† for¬† the¬† same¬† firm,¬† and¬† they¬† both¬† had¬† a¬† taste¬† for¬† real¬† ale,¬† so¬† most¬† of¬† Pete’s¬† downtime¬† (when¬† they¬† weren’t¬† saving¬† for¬† a¬† house¬† deposit)¬† was¬† spent¬† searching¬† out¬† CAMRA-approved¬† pubs,¬† which¬† luckily¬† there¬† were¬† rather¬† a¬† lot¬† of¬† in¬† the¬† area…¬† We¬† mention¬† this¬† because¬† the¬† pub¬† was¬† really¬† where¬† Pete¬† began¬† his¬† career¬† as¬† a¬† travel¬† agent,¬† talking¬† the¬† other¬† 3¬† Hawkes¬† into¬† increasingly¬† ambitious¬† holidays¬† on¬† the¬† canals¬† all¬† over¬† England,¬† then¬† further¬† afield¬† to¬† Greece¬† and¬† Austria¬† rather¬† a¬† lot,¬† and,¬† later¬† in¬† the¬† 80s,¬† when¬† he¬† and¬† Jan¬† embraced¬† skiing,¬† to¬† winter¬† breaks¬† in¬† France¬† and¬† Italy,¬† as¬† well¬† as¬† Austria¬† and,¬† in¬† the¬† summer,¬† to¬† Sweden,¬† Norway¬† and¬† Denmark.

Here’s¬† some¬† memories¬† of¬† those¬† times¬† from¬† Andy¬† and¬† Kathy¬† Pope.¬† Pete¬† was¬† a¬† larger¬† than¬† life¬† character,¬† never¬† afraid¬† to¬† state¬† his¬† opinion.¬†¬†¬† He¬† had¬† a¬† great¬† memory¬† ‚Äst particularly¬† for¬† jokes¬† which¬† he¬† would¬† deliver¬† with¬† ease.¬†¬†¬† He¬† seemed¬† to¬† have¬† a¬† joke¬† for¬† every¬† circumstance¬† and¬† we¬† know¬† for¬† sure¬† he¬† would¬† have¬† found¬† an¬† appropriate¬† one¬† for¬† this¬† occasion.

Pete¬† was¬† a¬† huge¬† fan¬† of¬† Plymouth¬† Argyle¬† and¬† would¬† attend¬† every¬† home¬† game¬† including¬† the¬† Fans¬† Fest,¬† which¬† preceded¬† every¬† match.¬†¬†¬† Home¬† Park¬† won‚Äôt¬† seem¬† the¬† same¬† without¬† him.¬†¬†¬† He¬† always¬† complained¬† that¬† he¬† had¬† never¬† seen¬† the¬† Greens¬† win¬† away,¬† and¬† it¬† was¬† poignant¬† that¬† he¬† was¬† able¬† to¬† see¬† an¬† away¬† win¬† against¬† Exeter¬† just¬† a¬† few¬† weeks¬† ago,¬† on¬† a¬† day¬† when¬† he¬† was¬† struggling¬† so¬† much.¬† Andy¬† remembers¬† being¬† reunited¬† with¬† Pete,¬† having¬† gone¬† to¬† primary¬† school¬† with¬† him,¬† at¬† an¬† Argyle¬† reserve¬† match¬† in¬† the¬† mid-60‚Äôs,¬† when¬† they¬† both¬† managed¬† to¬† get¬† evicted¬† from¬† the¬† ground¬† (even¬† though¬† they¬† swore¬† they¬† hadn’t¬† done¬† much¬† wrong)¬† and¬† they’ve¬† been¬† good¬† friends¬† ever¬† since.

Pete‚Äôs¬† great¬† love¬† of¬† planes¬† became¬† very¬† useful¬† for¬† Andy¬† and¬† Kathy.¬†¬†¬† Pete¬† lived¬† close¬† to¬† Gatwick¬† (where¬† he¬† often¬† spent¬† the¬† odd¬† afternoon¬† at¬† the¬† end¬† of¬† a¬† runway,¬† photographing¬† aircraft)¬† and¬† he¬† would¬† always¬† encourage¬† Andy¬† and¬† Kathy¬† to¬† use¬† that¬† airport¬† so¬† they¬† could¬† visit¬† them¬† and¬† leave¬† their¬† car¬† outside¬† Pete’s¬† house.¬†¬†¬† On¬† one¬† such¬† holiday¬† it¬† happened¬† that¬† Pete¬† and¬† Jan¬† were¬† also¬† away¬† at¬† the¬† same¬† time,¬† but¬† insisted¬† that¬† they¬† still¬† use¬† their¬† house,¬† leave¬† the¬† car¬† outside¬† and¬† Pete¬† ordered¬† them¬† a¬† taxi¬† to¬† the¬† airport.¬† Unbeknown¬† to¬† Andy¬† and¬† Kathy,¬† the¬† taxi¬† was¬† in¬† fact¬† a¬† chauffeur¬† driven¬† limousine.¬† This¬† was¬† typical¬† of¬† Pete‚Äôs¬† sense¬† of¬† humour¬† and¬† they¬† loved¬† it.¬† The¬† chauffeur¬† helped¬† them¬† out¬† with¬† their¬† bags¬† at¬† the¬† airport,¬† making¬† them¬† feel¬† like¬† a¬† million¬† pounds¬† in¬† their¬† tee-shirts¬† and¬† jeans.

They  returned  back  from  one  holiday  late  in  the  afternoon  on  a  beautiful  summer’s  day.    Pete  and  Jan  had  recently  returned  from  a  shopping  trip  to  France  and  Pete  insisted  that  they  all  take  advantage  of  the  great  weather  and  have  a  few  beers  on  his  front  lawn  prior  to  dinner.    Pete  had  loads  of  boxes  of  French  beer  so  it  soon  turned  into  a  party.    They  were  having  a  good  time  and  the  beer  was  flowing.    Pete  encouraged  the  neighbours,  Robin  and  Carol  to  come  and  join  them  all.    They  too  had  been  on  the  shopping  trip  to  France  and  brought  yet  more  boxes  of  beer.    The  evening  wore  on  and  the  pile  of  empty  beer  bottles  grew  ever  higher.  Everyone  was  having  a  great  time  and  dinner  was  eventually  eaten  late  into  the  night.    This  impromptu  event  had  been  orchestrated  by  Pete  beautifully.

There  were  so  many  relaxed  evenings  like  that  when  Pete  and  Jan  were  living  in  Kent,  because  their  closest  neighbours  all  got  on  so  well.  They  formed  a  notorious  wining  and  dining  set,  known  as  the  Greedy  Pig  club,  with  fancy  dress  theme  nights  and  murder  mysteries  all  accompanied  by  good  food,  wines  and  great  company,  culminating one year  in  a  gigantic  Christmas  Dinner  for  17  people  in  4  stages  and  houses.

Going¬† back¬† slightly¬† to¬† the¬† canals –¬† those¬† holidays¬† began¬† before¬† Pete¬† met¬† Jan,¬† but¬† was¬† such¬† a¬† favourite¬† getaway,¬† that¬† every¬† few¬† years¬† they¬† were¬† back¬† on¬† the¬† canal¬† network¬† all¬† over¬† England¬† and¬† Wales,¬† from¬† Snowdonia,¬† the¬† Yorkshire¬† Moors,¬† the¬† Black¬† Country¬† and¬† Stratford-on-Avon,¬† to¬† the¬† River¬† Severn¬† and¬† the¬† Chilterns,¬† with¬† so¬† many¬† other¬† friends¬† –¬† John¬† and¬† Linda¬† Mavin;¬† Gillian¬† and¬† John¬† Benewith,¬† Dave¬† Taskis;¬† Alex¬† and¬† Jenny¬† Bevan;¬† and¬† Steve¬† and¬† Maria¬† Dove¬† and¬† their¬† two¬† boys.¬† Too¬† many¬† stories¬† to¬† tell¬† really,¬† but¬† the¬† bathroom¬† arrangements¬† were¬† always¬† a¬† fertile¬† area¬† for¬† endless¬† amusement¬† with¬† many¬† variants¬† on¬† the¬† Elsan¬† system,¬† and¬† even¬† an¬† eccentric¬† vacuum-based¬† contraption¬† called¬† the¬† Ball-head…¬† Suffice¬† it¬† to¬† say¬† that¬† this¬† always¬† provided¬† a¬† good¬† excuse¬† to¬† factor¬† in¬† one¬† or¬† more¬† pub¬† visits¬† every¬† day¬† so¬† they¬† could¬† all¬† make¬† use¬† of¬† more¬† normal¬† facilities,¬† and,¬† of¬† course,¬† have¬† a¬† well-earned¬† pint¬† or¬† three¬† after¬† a¬† hard¬† morning’s¬† locking.

The¬† ski-ing¬† holidays¬† too¬† became¬† the¬† stuff¬† of¬† legend,¬† often¬† of¬† legendary¬† hangovers,¬† when¬† there¬† was¬† an¬† Irish¬† contingent¬† involved¬† in¬† the¬† apres-ski¬† sessions,¬† especially¬† in¬† Italy¬† or¬† Austria,¬† over¬† the¬† New¬† Year.¬† Ski-ing¬† was¬† something¬† that¬† Pete¬† fell¬† heavily¬† for,¬† as¬† he¬† loved¬† the¬† whole¬† winter¬† climate¬† of¬† snow¬† and¬† mountains. ¬†¬†¬†He¬† became¬† quite¬† a¬† proficient¬† skier¬† on¬† the¬† most¬† difficult¬† runs¬† and¬† this¬† also¬† had¬† him¬† watching¬† the¬† scales,¬† so¬† he¬† could¬† make¬† the¬† most¬† of¬† the¬† days¬† on¬† the¬† slopes.¬† Ski¬† LIFTS¬† were¬† another¬† rich¬† vein¬† of¬† high¬† adventure¬† for¬† Pete¬† to¬† tap¬† into¬† for¬† hilarious¬† stories¬† in¬† the¬† evening¬† –¬† with¬† vicious¬† button¬† lifts¬† leaving¬† him¬† in¬† danger¬† of¬† singing¬† like¬† a¬† pre-pubescent¬† choirboy,¬† and¬† evil¬† T-bars¬† that¬† trapped¬† buckles¬† and¬† drawstrings,¬† or¬† yanked¬† you¬† off¬† your¬† feet,¬† or¬† just¬† dumped¬† you¬† unexpectedly¬† in¬† a¬† snow¬† bank.

Safaris¬† came¬† along¬† at¬† the¬† end¬† of¬† the¬† Eighties¬† when¬† Pete¬† and¬† Jan¬† were¬† both¬† doing¬† well¬† in¬† their¬† careers¬† and¬† had¬† several¬† exciting¬† and¬† memorable¬† visits¬† to¬† Kenya,¬† Tanzania,¬† Zimbabwe,¬† Zambia¬† and,¬† on¬† his¬† own,¬† on¬† travel¬† agent¬† trips¬† to¬† Uganda¬† and¬† South¬† Africa.¬† Being¬† an¬† excellent¬† photographer,¬† he¬† really¬† enjoyed¬† the¬† challenge¬† of¬† ‘shooting’¬† the¬† wildlife¬† and¬† the¬† spectacular¬† landscapes.¬† ¬†¬†Pete¬† and¬† Jan¬† built¬† up¬† a¬† beautiful¬† collection¬† of¬† albums¬† from¬† those¬† trips.¬† ¬†¬†Camp¬† life¬† on¬† safari¬† was¬† always¬† fun¬† with¬† exotic¬† barbecues¬† and¬† cold,¬† cold¬† beer¬† –¬† one¬† favourite¬† memory,¬† after¬† a¬† rather¬† disappointing¬† stay¬† at¬† an¬† under-funded¬† resort¬† with¬† a¬† dreadful¬† kitchen¬† and¬† no¬† showers,¬† was¬† staying¬† at¬† another¬† camp¬† where¬† they¬† had¬† a¬† game-hunting¬† licence¬† for¬† the¬† pot¬† (no¬† endangered¬† species¬† were¬† taken).¬† ¬†¬†After¬† a¬† couple¬† of¬† days¬† on¬† corned¬† beef¬† and¬† stringy,¬† elderly¬† chicken,¬† there¬† was¬† a¬† veritable¬† feast¬† of¬† fried¬† wildebeest¬† liver¬† with¬† onions¬† and¬† mashed¬† potatoes¬† and,¬† the¬† next¬† night,¬† of¬† curried¬† warthog¬† –¬† Pete¬† was¬† in¬† seventh¬† heaven¬† and¬† had¬† thirds¬† and¬† fourths¬† of¬† both¬† meals,¬† and¬† wasn’t¬† at¬† all¬† worried¬† that¬† the¬† showers¬† there¬† were¬† cold,¬† gritty¬† river¬† water,¬† as¬† they¬† at¬† least¬† worked.

And¬† then¬† there¬† were¬† the¬† Disney¬† years¬† in¬† Florida,¬† California¬† and¬† at¬† Disneyland¬† Paris… ¬†¬†¬†this¬† abiding¬† passion¬† of¬† Pete’s¬† went¬† hand¬† in¬† glove¬† with¬† his¬† time¬† at¬† the¬† Kent¬† travel¬† agency,¬† Travel¬† Experience¬† and¬† Jan’s¬† writing¬† a¬† dissertation¬† on¬† Disney¬† culture¬† in¬† the¬† US,¬† Japan¬† and¬† France…¬† But¬† more¬† on¬† this¬† from¬† Dave,¬† Pete’s¬† bestest¬† Disney¬† buddy,¬† after¬† this¬† short¬† reading…

We watch the cooling sun low in the sky
and see the birds fly south in skeins

The leaves they glow in hues of warmth
and fall on furred, white frosty ground…

We gather our harvest of fruits and of nuts
and store the kindling for the long cold…

The woodsmoke rises thin in the dusk ,
our windows lit with candles and flames…

The door is opened as the day slips away,
as a welcome voice is heard close within…

Your eyes watch mine in the fire’s light
and speak of warmth far into the night…

by Jan Hawke

On¬† Friday¬† the¬† 13th¬† just¬† 2¬† days¬† after¬† his¬† Birthday,¬† my¬† best¬† friend¬† Peter,¬† or¬† Big¬† Peter¬† as¬† I¬† have¬† always¬† referred¬† to¬† him¬† as…¬†¬†¬† died.¬†¬†¬† It¬† was¬† a¬† great¬† shock,¬† and¬† a¬† part¬† of¬† me¬† also¬† died¬† that¬† day.

Both¬† Peter¬† and¬† I¬† worked¬† in¬† the¬† travel¬† business…¬†¬†¬† and¬† this¬† is¬† how¬† we¬† met!¬†¬†¬† I¬† can’t¬† remember¬† exactly¬† when,¬† but¬† it¬† was¬† about¬† 1992,¬† we¬† were¬† both¬† invited¬† by¬† Kuoni¬† to¬† go¬† to¬† India,¬† to¬† help¬† us¬† expand¬† our¬† knowledge!..¬†¬†¬† We¬† met¬† up¬† as¬† part¬† of¬† the¬† group¬† and¬† hit¬† it¬† off¬† straight¬† away!…¬†¬†¬† I¬† still¬† remember¬† our¬† trip¬† to¬† the¬† Taj¬† Mahal,¬† but¬† the¬† thing¬† Peter¬† never¬† forgave¬† me¬† for¬† on¬† that¬† trip,¬† and¬† was¬† mentioned¬† almost¬† every¬† time¬† we¬† saw¬† each¬† other¬† –¬† I¬† got¬† friendly¬† with¬† a¬† girl¬† whose¬† birthday¬† was¬† on¬† the¬† day¬† we¬† returned¬† to¬† the¬† UK.¬†¬†¬† As¬† a¬† surprise¬†¬†¬† they¬† upgraded¬† her¬† and¬† a¬† friend¬† to¬† travel¬† back¬† in¬† business¬† class¬† –¬† and¬† she¬† asked¬† me!¬†¬†¬† The¬† story¬† was,¬† Peter¬† said¬† he¬† never¬† saw¬† my¬† ass¬† move¬† up¬† the¬† stairs¬† to¬† business¬† class¬† so¬† fast¬† –¬† leaving¬† the¬† rest¬† of¬† the¬† group¬† to¬† travel¬† back¬† in¬† cattle¬† class!

We¬† kept¬† in¬† contact,¬† and¬† both¬† entered¬† the¬† Kuoni¬† Travel¬† Agent¬† of¬† the¬† Year contest….¬†¬†¬† We¬† had¬† lots¬† of¬† modules¬† to¬† do,¬† and¬† every¬† other¬† Monday¬† we¬† would¬† ring¬† each¬† other¬† with¬† the¬† answers…¬†¬†¬† We¬† both¬† got¬† through¬† to¬† the¬† final¬† 30,¬† we¬† went¬† to¬† London¬† for¬† the¬† final¬† which¬† was¬† a¬† written¬† exam!¬†¬†¬† There¬† were¬† 10¬† places¬† on¬† the¬† trip…¬† and¬† I¬† sailed¬† through,¬† but¬† Peter¬† came¬† in¬† 11th…¬†¬†¬† He¬† was¬† not¬† a¬† happy¬† chappie!…¬†¬†¬†¬† So¬† I¬† went¬† off¬† to¬† Gran¬† Cayman¬† without¬† him!¬†¬†¬† We¬† were¬† always¬† doing¬† competitions¬† within¬† the¬† travel¬† industry…¬†¬†¬† and¬† at¬† the¬† time¬† there¬† were¬† not¬† many¬† men¬† in¬† travel,¬† so¬† we¬† seemed¬† to¬† win¬† quite¬† a¬† few¬† trips!…¬†¬†¬† We¬† visited¬† California,¬† Jordan,¬† the¬† Far¬† East¬† and¬† Africa¬† just¬† to¬† name¬† a¬† few!

The¬† place¬† we¬† both¬† felt¬† at¬† home¬† with¬† the¬† most,¬† was¬† Disneyland¬† Paris…¬†¬†¬† and¬† over¬† the¬† years¬† we¬† lost¬† count¬† of¬† how¬† many¬† times¬† we¬† visited…¬†¬†¬† Every¬† season,¬† always¬† for¬† my¬† birthday,¬†¬† and¬† we¬† were¬† meant¬† to¬† be¬† there¬† for¬† Peter’s¬† this¬† year,¬† but¬† we¬† never¬† made¬† it…¬†¬†¬† His¬† favourite¬† ride¬† was¬† the¬† Tower¬† of¬† Terror,¬† which¬† he¬† could¬† not¬† get¬† me¬† to¬† go¬† on!¬†¬†¬† But¬† at¬† least¬† we¬† went¬† on¬† the¬† new¬† Ratatouille¬† ride¬† with¬† Jan’s¬† help!…..¬†¬†¬† and¬† loved¬† the¬† restaurant¬† attached¬† to¬† the¬† ride….

Looking¬† back¬† over¬† Peters’¬† vast¬† collection¬† of¬† photos¬† on¬† the¬† computer¬† with¬† Jan¬† last¬† week,¬† brought¬† back¬† wonderful¬† memories…¬†¬†¬† and¬† things¬† I¬† had¬† forgotten…¬†¬†¬† Like¬† waiting¬† for¬† a¬† parade¬† for¬† 2¬† hours¬† so¬† Peter¬† could¬† get¬† a¬† better¬† picture¬† of¬† one¬† of¬† the¬† floats!!….¬†¬†¬† Great¬† times!

We¬† had¬† even¬† planned¬† to¬† go¬† back¬† to¬† Disney¬† in¬† 2¬† years¬† time¬† for¬† the¬† 25th¬† birthday….¬†¬†¬† we¬† had¬† been¬† there¬† for¬† the¬† 5th¬† 10th¬† 15th¬† and¬† 20th¬† ones!¬†¬†¬† Peter¬† knew¬† where¬† we¬† were¬† going¬† to¬† stand¬† to¬† get¬† the¬† best¬† photos¬† of¬† the¬† Parade!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† So¬† I¬† will¬† be¬† there¬† for¬† the¬† Silver¬† Anniversary,¬† with¬† Jan,¬† with¬† him¬† in¬† our¬† hearts!

Peter¬† I¬† shall¬† miss¬† you¬† so¬† much…..

When I am dead, cry for me a little,
think of me sometimes, but not too much.
It is not good for you to allow your thoughts to dwell too long upon the dead.

Think of me now and again as I was in life,
at some moment which is pleasant to recall, but not for too long.
Leave me in peace, as I shall too leave you in peace.

While you live, let your thoughts be with the living.

(Native American Ishi people of the Pacific Northwest)

greenarmyAnd then the talking was over, so we left the last song to Pete’s fanfest buddies at Plymouth Argyle where he enjoyed many a scurrilous pre-match knees-up and this was one of the live skits he liked best so they sung us out of the chapel!

The three songs we had at our celebration of Pete’s life were –

The Lennon & McCartney song ~ In My Life orchestrated by George Martin & narrated by Sean Connery

Elton John’s original version¬†of The Circle of Life

The Sensational Barnet Brothers’ version of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle

These are included in the slideshow attached to the above blog